By Ryan Lynch

Osceola County’s government has roughly 85 contracts up for renewal or bid this year.

The local county’s agreements range from one-time design services and purchase agreements to recurring services as of April 29. For contracts with a financial value available, they range from as high as $6 million to as low as $4,500.

Going back to the start of the year, 100 contracts for the county were set to expire this year.

The Orlando Business Journal compiled a list of the contracts so companies can see what may become available for bid. The list is part of an ongoing look at contracts with public entities that are set to become available.

Osceola County allows for contractors to register for opportunities here. Companies can see whether contracts are renewed or put up.

Meanwhile, as of April 1, Orange County has more than 634 contracts that will end in 2021. And as of March 9, the city of Orlando has roughly 418 contracts set to expire this year.

Contracts with public entities such as the county can offer business opportunities for local companies. Contracts also can span several departments, including the county’s police and fire departments, with a diverse set of needs.

There are a number of potential benefits for businesses that pursue local government contracts, Angel de la Portilla, president of government consulting firm Central Florida Strategies Inc., previously told OBJ. “Companies and providers usually monitor these contracts as they can result in a significant amount of revenue for their business.”

Companies should be proactive about looking at when and where contracts are expiring to see where opportunities may lie, de la Portilla added.

Use the searchable database of county contracts HERE to see what contracts are set to expire this year.

Source: Orlando Business Journal

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