Government Relations
"All lasting business is built on friendship."
- Alfred A. Montapert
Whether your business or organization is pursuing a contract with the government, assistance with a land use issue or any other real estate matter, Central Florida Strategies can pave the way for success. Our constant presence and continuous engagement in the local governmental and political arena gives us the intimate knowledge of emerging issues and trends. These and other advantages allow us to develop and implement the appropriate strategy that benefits our clients.

Central Florida Strategies is focused on helping our clients derive revenue from local and state governments, as well as, the private sector. We have consistently demonstrated the unique ability to pinpoint when the needs of business and government intersect, solve complex problems, create new markets, accelerate revenues, and design and execute innovative programs to navigate the dynamic and ever changing government landscape.

At Central Florida Strategies, we believe that our greatest asset is our thorough understanding of the local and state political process, and our ability to provide our clients with analysis of the political landscape and the potential risk/impact on their company's objectives and bottom line. In the growing and uniquely diverse community of Central Florida, it is vital to have an ally with the experience and understanding necessary to navigate any political environment.

Central Florida Strategies has been involved in numerous county and city commission, school board, as well as, state legislative campaigns. As a result, we have developed strong, professional relationships with public officials throughout Central Florida, both elected and appointed. These relationships benefit our clients by giving us timely access to the appropriate persons in government to promote our clients' initiatives.
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