Central Florida Strategies can help your company develop the right plan to win business at the Education level.

School districts and higher education systems have struggled for years with underfunded programs and continual infrastructure challenges. There are significant opportunities in the higher education and job training markets as government leaders turn to the education system to help stem increasing unemployment levels. For companies that offer products and services for new school construction, renovation, energy efficiency, classroom technology, broadband communications and more, the time is now to get in front of school district decision makers.

Central Florida Strategies will help you:

• Conduct research to assess markets and identify specific sales opportunities
• Prioritize opportunities to accelerate success
• Assemble the ideal local teams to assist with winning contracts in prioritized markets
• Assist in the development and implementation of a strategic sales campaign
• Assist your sales and marketing teams on effective public sector selling strategies
• Leverage legislative know-how to create or expand markets
• Build effective corporate partnerships, advisory boards and other strategic relationships
• Provide additional marketing and public relations support by attending trade shows and conferences and in order to drive business in the education sector
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